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I'm using this

It's perfect.

VinceEaton's Character Demo VinceEaton's Character Demo

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Pretty good

Actually, make that very good.

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VinceEaton responds:

Thanks, hope to work together sometime.

[ L o s t A t S e a ] [ L o s t A t S e a ]

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Relaxing with a touch of creepy, I like it!

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The Glitch Machine The Glitch Machine

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I like it

I'd say it's good for a lab or cave level in a game. Neat style you've got.

KKSlider60 responds:

I'm glad you liked it!
Best regards,

Starlight Temple Starlight Temple

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Sounds like something from "Spirited Away."

KKSlider60 responds:

Heya, thanks for your review!
Well yeah, it's kind of contemplative, I like to make relaxing music. xD

{B.A.B.} Swordsman's Essence {B.A.B.} Swordsman's Essence

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I don't know much about music, but I really like this.

{B.A.B.} Life goes on... {B.A.B.} Life goes on...

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Really nice.

I love this, it's like a final resolution or something... You know, it sets that mood. I love it, in fact, I think it's beautiful.

{B.A.B.} La Guerra De Los Díos {B.A.B.} La Guerra De Los Díos

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That was really amazing. Such a show of musical expertise.
I especially loved the part that cues in around 2:52.
Nice job man!

blackattackbitch responds:

Thanks man, sorry it took so long for me to respond.

Jeremy Bentham's Wax Head Jeremy Bentham's Wax Head

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So great.

This is awesome. You should re-record the album at some point with a better mic. It's fucking amazing.

.:Their indirect aftermath:. .:Their indirect aftermath:.

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I like

So good job

lazyboyclark responds:

Watermelon Alex, watermelon.